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Little White Lies [cover]

Release: April 14, 2009
Label: Megaforce Records

Track Listing:
1. All I Was Looking For Was You
2. Always Never
3. The Malcontent
    (The Modern World)
4. Little White Lies
5. Mono to Stereo
6. How Did I Get Here?
7. We’ll Always Have Paris
8. Angelie
9. She’s Got the Rain
10. Rampart Street
11. White Noise
12. Soul Radio

Possible dropped/cut songs:
Working On A Love Song
It's A Free World After All (aka Free World)
More Dead Than Alive
21st Century Blues

little white lies

'Little White Lies' is the fifth studio album by Fastball, released in 2009. It marks the band's first independent studio album release.


Speculation about the band's fifth full length release began with a May 10 posting on the band's MySpace page. Miles stated: "if the Lord's willing and the creek don't rise you'll hear a new Fastball album in 2007."

In June, an acoustic demo of a song called "The Modern World" was put on the band's MySpace page. The song quickly became a favorite among fans for its sound, style and message, and fueled anticipation of a new album. However, for the rest of 2006, the band members continued working on side projects, with little mention of Fastball.


In early 2007, conflicting remarks from Miles and Tony left fans questioning whether the band would be recording or releasing new music in the near future.

In June it was announced that Miles and Tony were back together working on new Fastball material. In July, they travelled to Santa Barbara, CA to write and record demos with Ben Margulies, whom they had met at a songwriters convention. Songs included Little White Lies, She's Got The Rain, and It's A Free World After All.

The band entered into Aerie Studio in August to begin recording the first set of new material, including another new song called All I Was Looking For Was You.

During the fall, the band began premiering new material online, including a new studio recording of The Modern World and a new song called White Noise.

In December, 'Don't Tase Me Bro' and 'The Soft Box' emerged as possible album titles, with 'The Soft Box' the main contender.


In early 2008, the band was still writing and recording new material. They posted new studio recordings to their MySpace page during the spring, and were also playing many of their new songs at live shows, debuting new songs like She's Got The Rain and Mono To Stereo.

In April, the band posted two short studio clips online. They also requested input from fans regarding the title of the new album. By late May/early June the band was done recording and they would soon be mixing the material. In June the band posted the cover artwork along with the album title 'Little White Lies' to their MySpace. Mixing and mastering of the album took place with Bob Clearmountain in early July.

A tentative release date of September 9 had been announced around the same time as the album title; however, in August, the band stated that album would not be released until the spring of 2009. The band sited their involvement with Peru Rocks and not being able to properly tour right away in support of the album as reasons for the push back. Delaying the release would also allow the band to continue shopping the album to possible labels and/or setting up a proper distribution deal.

The band stated during a November tour that they were working on a distribution deal, and were expecting to release the album in March 2009.


In January, the band announced the official track listing for 'Little White Lies,' and that they had finalized a distribution deal with MRI/RED to release the album. The album was released on April 14, via MRI/RED imprint label Megaforce Records.


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