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All The Pain Money Can Buy [cover]

Release: March 10, 1998
Label: Hollywood Records

Track Listing:
1. The Way
2. Fire Escape
3. Better Than It Was
4. Which Way To The Top?
5. Sooner Or Later
6. Warm Fuzzy Feeling
7. Slow Drag
8. G.O.D. (Good Old Days)
9. Charlie, The Methadone Man
10. Out Of My Head
11. Damaged Goods
12. Nowhere Road
13. Sweetwater, Texas

Bonus Tracks:
Freeloader Freddy
Quit Your Job
This Guy's In Love With You
The Way (Unpaved)
Fire Escape (live)
Sweetwater, Texas (live)

Possible dropped/cut songs:
Black Rain

all the pain money can buy

'All The Pain Money Can Buy' is the second studio album by Fastball.

Following the poor sales of their debut album, the band, concerned with the possibility of being dropped by Hollywood Records, started work on a set of songs to record for their second album.

The songs on this album would sound and feel different than the majority their first album, and generally were more poppy and melodic, in the vain of "Are You Ready For The Fallout." Toward the end of the writing process, Tony read an article in the local paper about a missing elderly couple. He began to imagine a story about the couple, that they had packed up and went out on the open road, leaving everything behind and going wherever the road takes them. Tony would take the song, which he called "The Way," to rest of the band, and following playing it for them, the band felt it had something special and added it to the recording list.

The band took advantage of a changing regime at Hollywood Records and slipped into the studio to record 'All The Pain Money Can Buy' under the radar, at a time when the label did not have a president or head of marketing.

Following Hollywood's restructuring, the label sat on the album for nearly six months, that is until one of the label promoters, hooked on a track from the album, began playing it at radio stations across the country - it was called "The Way." The song was poppy and catchy, and easily caught the attention of stations and listeners across the country, and it soon went into heavy rotation on stations across the States. Hollywood, seeing the reaction to "The Way" quickly began backing the song, and it was soon being heard on stations across the world.

The album was released in March of 1998, and sold quickly based on the popularity of "The Way." Two other songs from the album were subsequently released as singles, "Fire Escape" and "Out Of My Head." Both songs were quite popular in their own right, though neither of them had the same success as "The Way." A fourth song from the album, "Sooner Or Later," also became moderately popular following its inclusion on the soundtrack to the major motion picture 'Varsity Blues.'

Following the success of "The Way" and release of album, the band embarked upon major touring in support of the album, opening for several major acts, and co-headlining with other popular pop-rock bands at the time. The popularity of the 'All The Pain Money Can Buy' also fueled sales of the band's debut album, and also helped to secure the band a renewed contract with Hollywood Records.


PRCD-62130-2USAHollywoodxx/xx/97Advance / Promo
D32149AUSFestival / Hollywoodxx/xx/98Tour Edition, bonus disc with 5 bonus tracks
 JAPAvex / Hollywood07/05/99 
0100952HWRGEREdel / Hollywoodxx/xx/991999 Edition, 3 bonus tracks


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