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December 1, 2005 - Live Shows Updated

Fastball shows in Spain in early December plus more from the Small Stars and Tony. See the live listing for more info.

October 13, 2005 - Leisure McCorkle shows Cancelled

As most of you know Tony was going to be playing bass for Leisure McCorkle on his upcoming fall tour. It now looks as though this tour has been cancelled. According to Tony's official site, he was going to be playing shows through early November. The first show of the tour was scheduled tonight in Charlotte, North Carolina, however Leisure's site was recently updated listing all the shows from tonight through early November as cancelled. No explanation for the cancellation was given on his site, nor has one been put up on Tony's site. The only show to not be listed as cancelled is a Halloween party on October 29th in Charlotte, NC at the Moosehead Grill. This may or may not be a show that Tony was to be involved with. More info. when it becomes available.

October 11, 2005 - Media Archive

I have just updated the overall Media Archive, adding in links to the band's music videos. I've also added links to the new live videos uploaded by Tyler of Fastball, playing at the Hole In The Wall as Magneto USA, back in February of 2004. I've also adjusted the archive by using an expandable menu system that will hopefully compact the information, and still be user friendly. If you encounter problems please let us know.

October 10, 2005 - Fastball in Cali + YHA/Joey

The guys just played a couple of shows in California this past week/ weekend. They played the Red Devil Lounge on the 10/6 and at a vineyard in Kenwood 10/8 if I'm correct. I apologize for not having any of the information for this show. I was aware of a vineyard show in Sonoma, but not a vineyard name, nor date or time, and despite my asking a couple times, could not get any further info. from Miles or Tony. From a post by "QuietOne" on the official board, it sounds like it was a good, intimate show. From her post the band played:
The Way (reluctantly)
Lou-ee, Lou-ee
Mercenary Girl
I Get High
Falling Upstairs
Love is Expensive and Free
Drifting Away
Stairway to Heaven (Rasta version)
and more

A bit of other news. For those that have kept up with Young Heart Attack, you're aware that Joey has rejoined the band. The band is in process of writing material for a new album. For those that are wondering, Joey has not left Fastball, Rock Bottom Choir, or Tony's band. He is playing with all 4. Rock Bottom Choir will be playing LA's The Mint on the 19th of October, and Young Heart Attack will be playing the Double-Wide in Dallas, October 29th.

I have added the YHA date and some more Small Stars dates to the calendar.

September 30, 2005 - Fastball play Bayfest tonight, RBC tomorrow.

Just found out about the Sept. 30 show. The guys are playing at the 2005 Bayfest Festival in Corpus Christi, Texas. Foghat will be opening at 8:00pm, and the guys will begin setting up to play around 10:00pm. If you go out the show, drop us a line and let us know how it went. Head over to the festival site for futher info. (
The Rock Bottom Choir will be playing Bayfest as well. They take the main stage Saturday, October 1, at 6:00pm.

Also be sure to check the live shows page for other new dates/changes for the Small Stars and Rock Bottom Choir.

September 13, 2005 - Reminder

A reminder that Tony will be playing a hurricane relief benefit show at Antone's (site) in Austin tonight at 8:00 pm. Head out to show your support and love. And of course if you can give to the relief effort please do.

I've added a couple other live dates for the Small Stars and Fastball to the listing.

September 7, 2005 - Bit Of News/Site Info.

First a bit of news for Small Stars fans. The Stars are recording another record which they hope to have out early next year. The Stars also plan to head out of Texas and begin touring other states in early 2006 as well. In other related news, Miles co-wrote a couple new songs with Courtney Taylor of the Dandy Warhols. The songs "Smoke It" and "All the Money or the Simple Life Honey" will be featured on the Dandy Warhols upcoming release 'Odditorium or Warlords of Mars' to be released Sept. 13, on Capitol Records. Check out the Dandy Warhols' site at for info. and to sample the album. Also per the Warhols' site, listen outfor or request 'Smoke It' on your local radio stations.

We do have a little bit of a site update here today as well. I'm slowly getting some of these pages together. I apologize, but I have some other more pressing tasks at hand, like looking at houses to buy, etc. But I've got a brief discography page up (sorry no individual release pages yet) and I've also got a portion of the audio archive integrated in. There are still some songs/shows missing, but I've added in some more b-sides, etc. Until I can get up a reworked menu for the header, please use the links above this post to navigate. Thanks.

Also, I was just curious as to what you guys think of the jukebox below. I've now set it to play randomly, but was curious to know whether it is more preferred to have is turned off when entering the site and you all can turn it on manually yourself, or just leave it as is. Post some opinions on the board if you would.

August 23, 2005 - An Update Already

You'll now see that both the News and Live links above now work. I've collected all the upcoming live dates and put them online for you're browsing. See something not there, or something wrong, please leave a post on the board letting us know. And thinking about it now I really should have linked the forum in above, but it slipped my mind. Oh well for now, it's still linked below.

August 23, 2005 - Beginning of Something Kinda Good

Well friends and foes, here's the first look at Black Rain (v3). God, this one's been a creature so far, but it's finally taking form. Anyway hopefully now that the base is down, the rest will fall into place more easily. Hopefully this comes out looking right for everyone. There are some Flash elements above and below, if they don't show up, you might wish to upgrade to a newer version, or check your computer settings to see if something is blocking it.

Sorry for the tease with the links above. They're unclickable, which is insignificant due to the fact that they could take you nowhere yet anyway. Well I should hold my tounge a bit, as the forum is still active, or at least still there. I'll leave you the forum link though, in case you feel like dropping a line, leave a good word, bad odor, etc.
Black Rain Forum

Oh, I almost forgot, you may have noticed that there are some noises filtering out from the bottom of the page. You can ignore those, unless however you wish to here some elevator music from Fastball. Okay so there's no elevator, but you get the point, just something to keep you company whilst you browse the page (it will be pages at some point). Oh, and did I mention that some of these songs are exclusive to Black Rain or otherwise rarer to comeby. Oh, got your attention did I? Well go on and listen then, don't let me distract you. Give us a post over in the board if you've got some questions or hear something new.

05.12.05 - New Live Album.

That's right, a new live album from Fastball. The guy's will be recording their set this Saturday, May 14, when they play during the 2005 Taste of Addison, TX festival. Their performance will be around 5:30 in Addison Circle Park. They will be performing at the festival with other bands like Smash Mouth and Vertical Horizon. The live album, which will be limited to 1,000 copies will be available through Disc Live. Visit to get more info. on the project and to purchase the disc. For all you fans who have not had the opportunity to see the full band live in the past several years, this will be a good opportunity to get to experience the unique sound some of the band's songs take on in the live format. It will be a great experience, and one that you can re-visit time and again.

03.31.05 - What! - Blurted out after a sever slap to the face.

So all the current tour dates are on the front of the site. Check there. I'm not gonna update that page back in here somewhere. Got 'em all for you: F'Ball, Tony solo, Small Stars, Rock Bottom Choir, and Mercey Lords.

There's not been much going on in 'Ball land other than the side project stuff. All the side projects either have or will be having cd's or such out, with the exception of the Mercey Lords. Something is going on over at the official site, don't know what the hell it is, but something.

Anyhoo, don't know how many people still visit over here. I'd like to re-design when I get that inspiritive burst to do so. What do ya think, site re-design sometime soon, yay/nay, let me know. I'd like to get back into this one more (been turned off due to involvement in other projects, not to be named). Just think it needs some fresh air. Anyway, enough babble. With the lack of much going on don't expect many updates here, at least until a re-design. Until then, get your tour dates on the front page, remember the archive (link) is active and full 'o goodies. If you have some stuff to add to it, and would be willing to share with the fans, please let me know. Lata!


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