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12.31.02 - Straight from the Guitarist's mouth - New Years News

First of all happy New Years to everyone.

Second a bit of tour information straight from Miles. Well first of all if you were like me and couldn't go to Atlanta to see the Fastball show on Dec. 18, here's what Miles had to say about it. He said the show was to be an acoustic gig with he and Tony, but the changed their minds at the last minute and decided to go full on electric bass, guitar and drums. Gary Louris from the Jayhawks joined in on "Fire Escape." He said the show was "was fabulous. Great crowd, great gig. Good vibes all around." As for the recent upcoming tour news. He said that just he and Tony are going out for a couple of weeks. They aim to play some real stripped down shows, just 2 voices, and 2 guitars, although he indicated that they might throw in an electric piano some. He indicated that these upcoming shows were pretty exciting for them as it's something they've never done before, and of course he's really looking forward to them.

I'm sure we're all hoping that this is a start of more to come in the future.

12.24.02 - New shows and a new download.

Check out the tour page for 5 new dates coming up in February. Thanks to fans for the heads up on this. Also you can now download Ryan Adams' song "Song for Keith", which features Tony playing piano, on the multimedia page. Just got this song on an import cd on Monday. Enjoy and happy holidays.

11.27.02 - Mp3s for the Holiday

Freeloader Freddy, Fire Escape w/ Strings, and This Guy's In Love With You, are now up on the multimedia page. Enjoy and have a good Thanksgiving.

11.20.02 - Busy Bodies sample

There is a minute and a half sample of the song Busy Bodies up on the Multimedia page.

11.14.02 - Fastball playing a show in Dec., and misc stuff

Gotta thank Murphy for these couple of bits here. First Fastball will be playing a show at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia on December 18, 2002. So if you're around the area check with your local ticket providers for info. and tickets to the show. Also as part of the Austin Chronicle's Texas Top 40 over the years list, there is an article about "The Way" written by none other than Tony. He basically recalls the inspiration for the song and how it was written, and how it got the band off the ground. To read it click here.

Also I received my copy of the Almost You tribute CD today, and it's filled with some nice covers. Fastball stays true to the song "Busy Bodies" which sounds a lot like Costello, especially in the vocals. Tony and Joey do it justice. Will try and have a sample up some time soon. By the way, I got it straight from Glurp, not the previously mentioned link, for like $11.00 with free US shipping. If anyone is interested please e-mail me at the address on the contact page, and ask for the special Elvis Early Bird link. Eric with Glurp told me that they only have a limited number of copies that they will be selling before it hits streets in January.

11.07.02 - Bit of Info.

Added the official cover and corrected track listing for Almost You, the Elvis Costello tribute disc. See the compilation section for more info. on the album. Hey, wanna get Almost You before it's street release in January '03? Click here to go to Waterloo Records and get it now. A couple of side notes on Tony. According to the Austin Chronicle toward the end of October Tony did a live cover of the Motown song "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" at the premier of a new Motown biography film. Apparently the live music to accompany the premier was not very good, as it was said to have sounded like "bad karaoke." Also from the Chronicle, fans can find Tony adding prominent harmony vocals on the song "Desperately" from Austin local Craig Marshall's new album Popular Crimes.

More stuff to come soon.

10.20.02 - More Mp3s

Added Out of My Head (acoustic) and On the Road Again (live) to the Multimedia page.

10.15.02 - Recording Busy Bodies.

Here is further information on the song "Busy Bodies." The track was recorded in May at the Austin recording studio Adult Audio Megaplex. That song was covered becuase it is one of Tony's favorite songs. Thanks to Eric Zappa at Glurp for this information. Also if you've never heard the track it sounds very close to something the guys would write. Also in case there was any confusion regarding the statement below of "now under the Fastball name," that was stated because back in May when the news of them doing the song came out, it was just to be Tony and Joey, not Miles, and of course the track was cut prior to him leaving. So now minus him they are using Fastball. Mr. Zappa also stated album's release date to be the 21st not the 1st of January.

10.14.02 - Elvis Costello Tribute CD update.

I was out on the website for the Austin Chronicle at lunch last Friday, and happened upon an Elvis Costello Article. And it had some information I was hoping to see, that of the upcoming tribute CD. The CD, which will be released by Waterloo Records and Austin local Glurp Records, will hit stores nationally on January 1, 2003. Tony and Joey, now under the Fastball name will be covering the song "Busy Bodies." For those in Austin or close to it, there will be a CD release party at The Mercury, in Austin on November 1. For full track and artist listing check out't post this update until now, sorry. Also see the Compilations section for up to date info on the album. (source: Austin Chronicle,

10.09.02 - Tabs and Mp3s.

Mp3s of Jenny and Quit Your Job are now available, and the chords for Star as well as a very detailed tab of Vampires are now up. Also there is some Fastball related material in the disco.

10.04.02 - More Updates.

2 version of a Magneto U.S.A. wallpaper up, and the full compilations section is now up. Hope you like the wallpaper, it took a couple of hours to create from scratch.

10.01.02 - Updates.

I have taken down the full version of the vampires video, and placed it up in parts to hopefully make it easier or more convenient for those who want to download it. You just have to download a small program to join all the parts once you've downloaded them all. I've fixed the link to the  studio version of Like Wow, Wipeout. I've also uploaded two more Mp3s from the Big Car album. And, I will hopefully have all the compilation album information put together and up in the next few days.

09.29.02 - More media and a side note.

There are now 3 new wallpapers, and 1 new font on the utilities page.

I picked up the new Ryan Adams CD and unfortunately none of the songs on it are one's on which Tony plays piano. All is not lost though. On the vinyl version of the single for 'Nuclear,' there is a b-side for a song called 'Song for Keith' which I know Tony played on. Hopefully I can get a hold of a copy of the song soon, so I can put a copy of it up here. Also I will try and put up one or two more Mp3s in the next day or so.

09.26.02 - Regarding the before mentioned e-mail.

I will ask you to please not ask for Miles' e-mail address. I realize that most fans would love to send him messages, but out of respect I will not give it out. I'm sure you understand. And thanks.

09.25.02 - You'll never guess who e-mailed me.

Yesterday I received an e-mail from someone who wanted to tell me that they like the site. And whom was that e-mail from you may or may not be asking? Well, it was from one Mr. Miles Zuniga. Oh yeah! And I'd like to thank him once again for his e-mail(s), technically 3, 'cause I asked him some questions and he sent a couple more responses. He just wanted to say that he liked the site. Oh and he also mentioned that he will be playing a show at the Basement in Nashville this Saturday, 28th. So if there are fans close by, go and check it out. And if you do go please send me an e-mail, or preferably post it on the Message Board. Have a great show Miles.

09.24.02 - 2 more Mp3s

The Real Me and You're An Ocean acoustic are now up.

09.23.02 - Love Doesn't Kill You

Mp3 of Love Doesn't is up.

09.12.02 - More MP3s

'Till the End of the Day and a few live Mp3s are up on the multimedia page.

09.11.02 - Evening - Message board

As promised the new message board link is up. Please register as a member on the board so that everyone can know who you are.

09.11.02 - Morning - On today, for those...

We send our love and dedicated respect to the honor and memory of all those who died one year ago today. And to those who lost someone, may your hearts remain
strong, for we are all with you. United we stand! erik.

09.10.02 - Happy Birthday Miles

Miles is 36 today, happy birthday from all the fans.

09.07.02 - Another Mp3 gift

Wow! Over 100 hits in a week and a half. For all you devotees I have placed a new Mp3 on the multimedia page. The song is "Rosalita" the single from the Joey and Miles, pre-Fastball group, Big Car. The song is from their out-of-print CD Normal. The rest of the CD will be put up eventually. Thanks and enjoy. Also I hope to have a nice message board up soon so that everyone can state their peace if they please.

09.04.02 - New wallpapers

I've put up a couple of new wallpapers of the cat from the "Vampires" video. I got bored, sort of, and decided to make a messed up version of the picture. Wallpapers are on the utilities page. Anyway, there'll be more coming.

09.03.02 - Vampires video / A top note

The "Vampires" video is up on the multimedia page. Hope you have a lot of time or a fast connection as it is nearly 40 megs in size. Sorry, took it straight from the disk. It is zipped so have WinZip ready.

Also, you may be aware that I have placed a banner atop this main page. I have put it there to promote Ryan Adams and his upcoming release. Great singer and musician. Check him out if you haven't heard his music. Also Tony recorded some piano parts on some of his songs in sessions last year. Some of those songs might show up on this disc. I'll let you know though.

09.02.02 - Mp3s

I've put up a few more Mp3s:
Black Rain
Every Time She Walks
Like Wow Wipeout
Love is Expensive and Free (Expensive Mix)
To download, please see the multimedia page. I'll try and keep putting them up on a fairly regular basis.

08.30.02 - That other cover and a few words

Thanks to the very nice and helpful customer service person from who supplied me with an enlarged version of their incorrect album cover (shown below). This might possibly have been an earlier version of the album. It says beneath the band logo: Painting the Corners The Best of Fastball 1995 - 2002. I'd also like to thank all who have come and visited my site, hopefully you are enjoying what portions of it are completed and are up. I being a college student must constantly put working on it aside, in lue of higher priority school work. I'd like to know what you think, so if you're willing please let me know at
Thanks much...erik.

08.29.02 - They made you a "Star"

As a special gift to the fans I have placed an mp3 of the Fastball/John Wesley Harding song "Star" on the Multimedia page. Please make sure that you rename the file as it says on the page before trying to play the track. Enjoy. - erik.

08.29.02 - Painting the Corners released (update)

Well, I received an e-mail from, and they have confirmed that the cover image and video listing on their site was incorrect. It is the same cover art as the US release and the only video is "Vampires." So in other words the version you can get from or their retail stores is the same CD as the US disc.

08.28.02 - Painting the Corners released

Painting the Corners: the Best of Fastball was released yesterday. The blue cover (shown below) is the cover for the CD, track listing is the same except for it only includes the video for the song "Vampires" and not the videos for the 4 earlier singles as was expected. However the black cover (below) and the track listing with 5 videos came from, which might possibly mean that there is a different Canadian release with these features. I have contacted in reagards to this and will post what, if anything, I find out.

08.23.02 - Coverings

Well here it is (or rather they are). Here are two covers for the best of CD to be released this Tuesday the 27th. Will it be one cover or both, guess we'll have to wait 'till Tuesday to know. The first is taken from a Harsh Light era poster, and the second is the cover for the "This is not my Life" promo CD. Not as original as I'd hoped, but oh well. (source:,

07.25.02 - Best of Track Listing

Here is the track listing for Painting the Corners, the upcoming best of CD from Fastball:
01. Make Your Mama Proud
02. Emotional
03. Out Of My Head
04. Fire Escape
05. The Way
06. Slow Drag
07. Are You Ready For The Fallout?
08. Dark Street
09. You're An Ocean
10. Vampires
11. Human Touch
12. Sooner Or Later
13. Love Is Expensive And Free
14. She Comes 'Round
15. Black Rain
16. Funny How It Fades Away
Bonus enhanced materials include music videos for: The Way, Fire Escape, Out of My Head, You're an Ocean, and Vampires.

07.24.02 - Et. Cetera Things

Tony and Joey have recruited ex-New Radical guitarist Brad Fernquist to play with them in upcoming gigs. No word as to if he expected to fill in permanently. Miles is apparently concentrating on songwriting in Nashville, and has a few things on the horizon. Another note Tony and Joey's side project Young Heart Attack, has been signed to XL Records, in England, and will go into the studio to record soon. (source: Austin American-Statesman, Chillie's Fastball Music Web Site)

07.14.02 - Painting the Corners

Although Fastball has been released from Hollywood Records, the company still seeks to profit from them. This will come on August 27 when Painting the Corners: The Best of Fastball will be released. The disc will supposedly be enhanced, and track listing is unknown, except for a few obvious songs. (source:

07.02.02 - AAOFP gone ?

It appears that 'An Almost Official Fastball Page,' for years the reigning source for up to date Fastball news has finally been put to rest. Angelo Ricco, webmaster of the site, had retired it before about a year ago, leaving an apology index page. The site was revived once again after fans continuously e-mailed for it to be brought back. This time there is no index page at all, so it may be gone forever. We thank Angelo for his years of service and say honestly that it will be missed.

06.27.02 - He went for Miles, but is now gone

Guitarist Miles Zuniga has apparently left the band, for reasons unclear to fans at this point. Tony and Joey will continue on but Fastball's future is unsure as they are still in search of a new record label. (source: Chillie's Fastball Music Web Site)

06.15.02 - Congrats Tony and Nanette

Contratulations to Tony and Nanette who had another baby recently. (source: An Almost Official Fastball Page)

05.20.02 - Elvis Tribute

Tony and Joey are apparently contributing a song to an upcoming Elvis Costello tribute CD. (source: An Almost Official Fastball Page)

02.27.02 - Kinks worked out

This is Where I Belong: The Songs of Ray Davies and the Kinks has finally been released.

02.10.02 - Songs

A few names of new songs have surfaced:
  - Red Lights (Miles)
  - Secret Agent Love (Tony)
  - Would You Like To Be My Best Friend (Both)
(source: An Almost Official Fastball Page)


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