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12.19.03 - Recording done!

Well, it's official Fastball is finished recording. The new album will be released on Rykodisc Records sometime early next year. Thanks to Shinobiman over at Fastball Red Lights, for this latest news. Head on over to his site via the link on this page to read the full report. (source: Red Lights)


News early this morning from Chillie that recording is going well for the band. He also reports, as I had earlier in the month, that Charlie Sexton is no longer producing the new album. Instead he confirmed that Mike McCarthy is the new producer working with the guys. Mike's name had indirectly been relayed to me earlier in the month, but I got the idea from the person who relayed the info. at the time, that it was kind of hush hush, don't tell right now type of thing. So that's why I didn't report it, but did indicate that they had some impressive credits. And Mike McCarthy does have some good credits as a engineer/producer/mixer, working with artists like Lee Ann Womack, Mark Chesnutt, The Statler Brothers, Waylon Jennings, BeBe & CiCi Winans, as well as Texas groups Superego and Spoon. Mike also co-produced a '94 compilation CD called "Free For All" - vol. 1, along with Bill Ham and Paul Minor (close friend of the band who produced Live From Jupiter Records), highlighting live performances from the Hole In the Wall's Rock 'n' Roll Free For All - features "Make Your Mama Proud" by the then Magneto USA. (source: Chillie's Fastball Music Web Page)

Also TINML reports that Miles and Tony played an unadvertised acoustic show back on Friday Nov. 7, at Mucky Duck in Houston, TX.


Well folks, the word now is that Charlie Sexton is not going to be producing the bands forthcoming record. I don't know any names of other prospective producers, but it's possible that it might be someone with some impressive credits to their name.


Weird, several hours after getting that last update up I received an e-mail from Chillie with some further news that he got from Tony at a recent show he played at. Tony did say that Charlie Sexton will be producing the new album. He said that the band will be entering the studio in the next couple of weeks, following Joey's return to the US from the Young Heart Attack tour. Their recording should be completed by the end of November, and are looking at a possible February 2004 release. Thanks for passing that info. on Chillie. (source: Chillie's Fastball Music Web Page)


I was informed this past Wednesday by a close friend and colleague of the band that it is very likely that Austin local Charlie Sexton will be producing the new Fastball album. He also states that Koch Records will likely be the band's new label **NOTE: (10/19) Sorry this was posted so late but my hosting service was upgrading or something and I haven't been able to get this up until now. The site was up, but I couldn't get onto the ftp, I don't know what was up.**

Site News: I've also added a tab for Perfect World, by Copper.


Site News: New guitar tablatures added for Boomerang, Freeloader Freddy, and Mercenary Girl. Thanks to Copper for tabbing these.

10.08.03 - Talullah!

What's that you say. Well Talullah is a new side project that Tony is a part of. The group also features Matt Hubbard, Jason Enright, and a couple other guys. The group plays the Easy Rhino bar and grill in Austin this Thursday Oct. 9. The article this information comes from also says "before Scalzo warms up the new Fastball album with newlywed Miles Zuniga," indicating that Fastball may be playing afterward. It may also relate to the following news bit. Check over at fansite Red Lights for some further current news on Fastball. I'm gonna make you go over there and visit Tyler's site in case you haven't yet been. Check it out as it's coming along nicely. (source: The Austin Chronicle - 10/03/03)


A fan slipped me this bit of news earlier this afternoon. Miles and his fiancee Kelly Ramsey were married back on Sept. 20. Sorry girls, he's been snatched up. You're just too late. Well let me be the first to say this: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! MILES & KELLY. We all wish you guys the best in your new union together. May your new future be filled with fun and joy, oh yeah, and have a kick ass honeymoon (or hope you had one, if you've already been that is)!! (claps and cheers all around)


Site News: Sorry for the lack of many updates here recently. This semester in school is just killing my spare time with all the projects and papers. But anyway here's one, nothing new, but I've updated the tour pages, sorry no new dates, but I've gotten past shows updated with set lists, review and such that I have. If anyone has anything to contribute for any show listed or older shows not listed, please send it on in, 'cause I'd love to have a really good gigography going.


Site News: At a fan request I have added the radio edit of Fire Escape to the multimedia page. It is therefore the new featured download.


Site News: Added compilations listing (partial listing). Added fan comments for the songs 'Airstream' and 'Secret Agent Love.'


Site News: Added a new tab for the song "High Low," thanks to Copper. Updated notes or release info. for the songs Jenny (867-5309), Back Door, Human Torch, Red Light, Secret Agent Love, and the "Make Your Mama Proud" album page.


Information for those who had ordered the 'Live From Jupiter Records' CD. I received an e-mail yesterday from Jason at Jupiter Records. He says that all orders for the CD have been filled and shipped, so if you've ordered one and have yet to receive it, it should be on its way. He apologizes for any delays. Depending on where you live it could take a week or so to arrive. If after a couple of weeks you've still not received it, please e-mail or call to the store.


Site News: For the next round of Featured Audio I thought it'd be nice to highlight one of our regular downloads. Fastball and John Wesley Hardings cover of the Stealers Wheel song "Star." If you haven't heard it yet it's a great cover. Also I've put up 5 new wallpapers for everyone's enjoyment. See the Multimedia pages. And just as a reminder to all fans to support the band by also paying visit to the other active fan sites - Chillie's and Red Lights, as well as the recent tribute page for the Jupiter CD from Alison. And of course the currently evolving Official site. Let's keep this community strong and growing.


Shinobiman's Red Lights fan site is now back online. Be sure to check it out through the links page when you get a minute. It's looking a whole lot sharper than the original and I can't wait to see it as it gets more complete. Rock on Tyler, and keep up the good work.


Tyler (Shinobiman) tells me that his site, formerly known as Music To Live By, is currently undergoing an update/redesign. You may recall his site was host to his own fan-made music video for the song 'Falling Upstairs.' He hopes to bring the site, which will be renamed to Red Lights: A Fastball Tribute Site, up to the quality and full operation he intended the original to be when it was started back in February and March. Ambitious as he is, look for this to be another good addition to the small, but tight knit, Fastball fan ring. See the links page for the link to his site.


Site News: For all you guitar plays you might be glad to know that the tabs page is up and the tabs from the old version of the site are available again. Also I have put up the chords and intro tab for the song 'Some Day.' It's not a complete tab, but it is complete enough to play. Hope you enjoy. Tabs can be accessed via the tab page in the Songs & Lyrics section, and via the individual songs themselves.


Site News: Lyrics and info. for Red Light and Secret Agent Love have now been added. Also I would like to start adding fan input to the songs and/or albums. So if you've got an interpretation or meaning of a song (from your point of view), or just have a good comment on a song or an album, head on over the message board, post it and it will soon be put up on the site.

Update 2: Updated the Album 6 info. with the latest new songs. Also added a bit more info. on Red Light and I Get High.


Site News: Lyrics for 4 of the new songs have been added to the Songs & Lyrics page of the site. The lyrics for the rest of the songs shall follow in the next day or so.


Well if you haven't noticed the official Fastball website now has a new piece added to it. Get on over there now a check a roulette of new songs: 'Airstream,' 'I Get High,' 'Some Day,' 'Perfect World,' 'We're On Our Way,' 'High Low,' 'Red Light,' and 'Secret Agent Love.' Full lyrics and info. to come soon. I've also just received an e-mail from Miles saying that there were new songs up. He also says that he and the rest of the guys appreciate all the support, and that the site looks great.


Site News: Hope everyone enjoyed the acoustic version of "Vampires." As per a fan request the next featured download is a live acoustic cover of the Everly Brothers classic "(All I have to do is) Dream." This version was taken from the acoustic show from McCabe's Guitar Shop.


Site News: Re-uploaded the "Vampires" acoustic download. Apparently the other had no sound. Hopefully that'll do it. The first Black Rain newsletter went out this morning. If you haven't received it or would like to, please click the link to the left and send me the address to which you want it sent, and please make the subject line Sign up for newsletter or such, and if you want to be removed from it do the same but make the subject Remove me from newsletter. The final four cuts from the Live in LA bootleg are now up for download.


Got a reply back from Jason at Jupiter Records. He's been super busy recently, from recording with Matt Hubbard (who also played with the guys at the Nelson 4th bash), to working with the guys one their upcoming album. As far as the performance on the 5th at Willie's ranch, he said that Paula was called on stage to perform an hour early, as they were unable to locate Shawn Colvin right then for her set. He said that he may have been finishing up some BBQ with her at the time. Anyway he said they had to play then, that they may have been unable to later, because of the hold ups. He was on the RV (one of about 100 there) with Tony when a stage hand came and got them. He said that aside from the problems, the crowd loved it, Paula thought it was great and was honored to play with the guys. Oh he also said that they were sharing the RV with Billy Bob Thornton, who was going on and on about how Fastball was one of his favorite bands. As for the mention of tensions with Miles and Tony, he says that the guys were understanding of the situation and what happened. So I guess aside from general tensions of working with someone, even a friend, everything is going well with the guys. And apparently the 1000 pressings of the 'Live From Jupiter' CD are close to being sold out. Jason states that it is now no longer available from the store's site, and the last remaining copies will be taken and sold on the upcoming shows. Way to go, Congrats guys! As far as the new album is concerned, Jason says that there are some great new songs that the guys have written that will hopefully make it on the new record. Jason:"All of us are like a band of brothers working to make the next fastball record the best record in the world!!"

Site News: Several live images have been added for the Russel Carter Christmas Review Party back in Dec. 2002. Also the new featured download is available, hope you all enjoyed the last one. I think for now I'll do a two week rotation for a while, and throw in some new stuff, or maybe just highlight some regular downloads too.


As you recall Fastball played at the Willie Nelson and Family Fourth of July Picnic this past Saturday, backing Willie's daughter Paula. I was told that the band rehearsed with Paula a few times earlier in the week, at the Nelson ranch. Unfortunately not all live shows go off flawlessly, and this one was one of those cases. In a last minute schedule change the band and Paula ended up playing their set at around 11pm, just before a set by Shawn Colvin, who was then followed by Neil Young and Crazy Horse. The change was so last minute that not everyone got the info. and when their set was to start, they found themselves one member short. Tony, who was on the band's trailer at the time, apparently did not get the time change, and could not hear the announcements being made, more than likely due to the large crowd and commotion there at the event. However the decision was made by Miles, and probably Paula, to go ahead and start the set without him. Tony ended up missing three songs out of the set of five, one being 'Out Of My Head.' I'm awaiting a repsonse from Jason with Jupiter Records who I understand was there on stage with the band, for his info. and take on the show. It was mentioned to me that Tony was quite upset over the situation regarding the show, and there may possibly be some tensions building between he and Miles over the show and maybe more. I know all the fans wish the entire band the best and hope you don't let a little scheduling mishap or other minor things effect that great bond you've been building over these last several months. Let us know what's going on guys.

Site News: The first 3 pages of images are now online, more will be added soon.


Miles played a solo performance back on June 26 at the Continental Club in Austin. He played on the second of a two night benefit show, alongside other Austin musicians such as David Garza, Kevin Russel, Beaver Nelson, and more. The benefit was for acclaimed Texan singer-songwriter Alejandro Escovedo. Escovedo recently suffered a collapse and subsequent hospitalization due to complications of Hepatitis C. He is currently undergoeing treatment at his home. Further benefit shows are being organized throughout the US, and a tribute album is currently being arranged. For more information on Alejandro Excovedo, or to contribute to the Escovedo Fund, please visit

Site News: All audio files are again available for download.


Site News: You can now add your comments into the Black Rain Blackbook (guestbook), as well as view its listings. See links to the right.


The band has added four new tour dates, one in mid July, and three in August. Also Chillie has passed along some info., given to him by Tony. The band, presumably the full band, will be the backing band for Paula Nelson, daughter of Willie Nelson, at his Willie and Family 4th of July Picnic. The set will last 20 min., and is slotted between performances by Neil Young and Willie himself. For more info. go to Tony also stated that the will be doing some shows in late August with the Gin Blossoms. He also says that the band may be close to signing with a record label. Also all Big Car mp3s are now up for download.

Site News: Also as a special treat in honor of the site's one year anniversary, the first Featured Download is a full length version of the Fastball rendition of Elvis Costello's "Busy Bodies." Because this is a recent recording, it will only be available until Wed. July 16, after which time only the short sample will be available for download. For information on the track see its link on the Songs/Lyrics page. If you enjoy it and other Elvis Costello songs, consider picking up the Costello tribute "Almost You." Enjoy.


Black Rain Online version 2.0 officially launched. Welcome back fans and supporters. Here is your new Black Rain, completely revamped for its one year anniversary. Thanks for the great first year guys. As always a work in progress. And to illuminate that, there are still several pages still under construction. Currently none of the audio or video files are up to download, but some will be shortly. But regardless there is a lot here, with more to follow. And hopefully the somewhat simpler address will be easier to deal with. So if you have the page bookmarked, please update them to I appreciate you dropping in, and to all the regulars, you guys ROCK!


Hey Ballers, keep those eyes tuned to, as the new official site is now beginning to come online. Piece by piece it seems, but it's coming.


Go to the Music Section of the Austin Chronicle to read a new feature article on Fastball. Also there are two upcoming tour dates added, see to the right for the dates and places.

05.20.03 - Live Show

Hey you can download the entire acoustic show from McCabe's Guitar Shop in California at Digital Club Network.

05.05.03 - Misc. Things

Read the review of "Live From Jupiter" from the recent Vintage Guitar Magazine, now on the articles page. Also the word is in that it is Jeff Groves, Miles' buddy (and bandmate from Big Car), that is doing the redesign of the official site. Also be sure to check out Chillie's Fastball Music Page, to read answers from Miles and Tony to the questions you submitted to the guys.

Also if you would like to hear some songs from Tony's early 90's punk band The Goods, visit The Goods page on to download a few songs, including the full length version of TV Girl.

04.29.03 - New Site?

Well it appears that the unspoken indiactions I received in an e-mail several months ago is in fact true, the Official Site is finally being updated. The old site, at, is now gone, and in it's place a new "under construction" page. We all await the unveiling. Thanks to RC, for the info. on this.

04.28.03 (afternoon) - New MP3 from the band + news

Okay, okay, not to knock anyone down or anything, but real news.

Back in March the guys played at the Austin Music Awards. They played in the tribute to the Hole In The Wall Gang, but also played a new tune written by Miles about Austin. Click here to go to the page on Paul Minor's site, scroll down to see lyrics and download the live Mp3 of "This Is Still Our Town." The recording was done on a live radio show the night before the awards show. You can contact Jason at Jupiter Records for info. on obtaining a full copy of the radio show.

Also, the guys have added Matt Hubbard (Superego, Willie Nelson), on organ, harmonica, and tromebone to their concert lineup. These guys join Kevin McKinney (Soul Hat) on guitar and bass, and Jeff Groves (Big Car) on saxaphone. All of these guys joined the band for the recent San Antonio's Trinity University Oyster Bake last Saturday. With this lineup the guys hope to be booking local area clubs in the near future.

Also Miles has contributed live covers of "Po' Boy" and "Don't Think Twice It's Alright" by Bob Dylan for a new 2 disc, 25 song live bootleg tribute CD to be released by Jupiter Records. All songs on the discs were recorded live on Friday April 18, at Jupiter Records in Austin.

Thanks to Paul Minor for supplying the bulk of this new info. and his website for the bit on Miles. Click here to visit the link to Paul's website sent to me.

Thanks again Paul.

04.28.03 (morning) - Pictures

A couple more pictures from the Belly Up show added.

04.26.03 - New Perspective

Go to the Tour Chronology page and scroll down to the Belly Up show to read Jenny's report on the show. And for pictures from the show go to the Pictures page. More images to come soon.

04.08.03 - Atlanta cancelled

Amy reported to me today that the shows this past weekend were awesome. But she also says that in talking with Miles, during one of the shows, it is now apparent that the show scheduled for April 12, in Atlanta, GA, has been cancelled. She said that Miles indicated it was due to other scheduled things around that date. Ticketmaster now shows the show as cancelled. To any who purchased tickets via Ticktmaster please check back on their site for information on refunding your tickets. They should call or e-mail you as well.

04.06.03 - Nick's show review

Updated the Tour Chronology and Pictures pages with Nick's images and his concert report.

03.29.03 - update

Some more info on the upcoming Jamestown College gig in NY has been added to the tour page.

And I'd like to give a great big shout out to superfan Amy G., who's been going above and beyond the call of duty to find out more detailed and complete tour info, and sending it my way. Thanks a lot Amy!

03.25.03 - from the tour front

Well Miles fronted a little info on the recent College Station show. He said that Jeff Groves, whom he's written songs with and from Big Car, who lives in the area, came out to the show and played sax on 'You're An Ocean,' 'Time,' and 'Morning Star.' The guys enjoyed it so much that they've invited him to come back and play with them again when they come back around for the San Antonio show towards the end of April. They also had local Austin musician Kevin McKinney (Soul Hat), who played some added guitar and bass in the show. As Miles puts it "To me it was by far one of the best gigs we've played and it's my favorite incarnation of the big rock show line up."

03.21.03 - updates

Updated info. for the latest 3 dates is now up, including venue links.

03.19.03 - Tour Info. and fan site

3 new dates added, 2 in California, and one in Texas.

Also be sure to check out Shinobiman's tribute site 'Music to Live By' (see links page). This site is still being created but, even though everything's not up yet, you can check out his music video for the song 'Falling Upstairs,' which he created himself. Anyway see for yourselves.

03.12.03 - Tour Info.

New tour date added in Atlanta, GA, and other dates info updated. And for the second leg of the acoustic tour, Miles and Tony will be joined by Ramsay Midwood who will take over opening for them.

Also added are new tour dates for the Young Heart Attack.

03.07.03 - Pictures

The rest of the Buffalo, NY pictures are up. Enjoy. Thanks again for supplying them Michael.

02.28.03 - Buy Jupiter Online

You can now buy 'Live From Jupiter' online at Jupiter Records. Just click the banner above.

02.28.03 - Austin Chronicle Review, tour date, and pictures

Well The Austin Chronicle's review of 'Live From Jupiter Records' is out today. To read the article, click here to visit the Austin Chronicle's site.
(source: The Austin Chronicle)

Also there is another Tour date added in Austin on March 13th with Joey.

Also the first of several exclusive images from the Mr. Goodbar show in Buffalo is up on the pictures page.

02.23.03 - Bit more on College Station

The March 22 show in College Station is to be a part of the 2003 Northgate Music Festival. Fastball (Miles, Tony, and Joey) is one of this year's headliners. The event will last from March 20 - 22, and will feature over 150 acts at 11 different venues. The event will benefit local area charity organizations. Visit the Northgate Festival's website here. More to come when available.

02.19.03 - Tour Dates

Added a date for March 22 at Shadow Canyon in College Station, TX (with Joey), and one on April 1 at Harlow's in Sacramento, CA.

02.18.03 - Bits of news

From Kimmie who got the info from Jason with Jupiter Records:
- The Austin Chronicle will be doing a review of the "Live from Jupiter Records" CD in an issue around the time of the SXSW (South by Southwest), sometime around the beginning of March.
- A national review of the CD will be featured in Vintage Guitar Magazine around its June issue.

From Auntie Barb, who attended the, as she indicated, most rockin' New York City gig:
- Miles said that on a date between March 21 and 25, Joey will join the guys for a gig in College Station.

Thanks for the info. ladies.

02.17.03 - Live in LA files

Couple of more live tunes, from an LA show, are up for download.

02.15.03 - Updates

I've added a link to a page created by Alison for the "Live From Jupiter Records" album to the links page. Be sure to check it out as she has lyrics and song samples for the new tunes up, and more. Also some info. for the current shows is located on the tour chronology page above. Info. for the live CD is up on the albums page. As Nick indicated on Chillie's and the Black Rain message boards, if you want to get a copy of the live CD just call up to Jupiter Records (512) 454-5678, and ask them about buying the CD. You might want to ask to speak with Jason as you will probably have to anyway. I've heard nothing back from Jeff Klein (another Austin musician), who is the person who made and maintains Jupiter Records' webpage, on when the page will be updated to sell the CD. If you feel like pestering him about getting it set up to buy online then e-mail him.

If anyone happens to attend or have attened any of the recent shows and would care to provide set lists or other info. then please e-mail me with it or post it on the forum.

02.12.03 - Street Team

Just added a Street Team link above, so if you want to spread the word about an upcoming Fastball show in your area, then just download and print out the flyer on the page, and paste away. If anyone else has Street Team suggestions, or would like to contribute, just e-mail me.

02.11.03 - Austin Music Awards & the Nashville show.

Set your calendars, the annual Austin Music Awards are set to commence on March 12, 2003, at 7:55pm. The highlight of the evening (unless the Dixie Chicks show up) is expected to be an allstar salute to the Hole In The Wall Gang. The tribute headed up by Superego's Paul Minor, will focus mainly on the Gang's latter years. Music will be performed by comprised local all-star house band featuring Miles Zuniga, Tony Scalzo, Jane Bond, Beaver Nelson, and Troy Campbell. The event is set to conclude with "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights." To read the entire article from the Austin Chronicle's Feb. 7 issue, click here, and scroll down to The Show Must Go On.
(source: The Austin Chronicle)

Also thanks to Maggie for posting this info. regarding the recent show in Nashville, TN, on Chillie's Forum.
Set List:
Fire Escape
You're an Ocean
I Get High (new song)
Don't Give up on Me
Just Another Place (new song)
Good Old Days
Beatles cover
Falling Upstairs (new song)
Out of My Head
If Only You Were Lonely (aka: the throw up song)(?)
Mercenary Girl (new song)
Wind Me Up
Life (new song)
Funny How it Fades Away
Crowded House cover
Airstream (new song)
The Way
She also said that they were selling some new red t-shirts for $10, but that there was no sign of the new live CD.

02.10.03 - More Tour Dates

8 new tour dates added in March and April, check the tour page for all the details. And, for those interested, I've added several dates for Young Heart Attack to the bottom of the tour page, and the link to their official site is now up on the links page.

02.02.03 - Guitar Tab

Full tab for Slow Drag is now up.

02.01.03 - More on album and band

An update and correction from Jason (not his real last name) Alexander at Jupiter Rec. Track 5 on the album is actually called "Just Another Place." He also said that they will be setting up their website to sell the CD in a couple of days.

Also some info. from a recent Austin American Statesman article: "It's all part of the band's "starting over" strategy. "Tony and I have had a strange relationship," Zuniga says. "We barely knew each other when we started the band (originally called Magneto USA) and never hung out together socially." But Zuniga says he and Scalzo have been getting along famously the past two months and are writing together for the first time." So if it hasn't been plainly obvious to everyone yet, Miles is indeed back. And, Miles and his fiancee Kelly Ramsey will soon be moving back to Austin and putting their Nashville home up for sale.

The messages board for the site may be down sometime late this evening, early tomorrow morning, as the company will be updating and doing some updating to their systems and supposedly making things better. So sorry, but it shouldn't be for long. Just check and see.

01.31.03 - Interesting side note

Tony is on the advisory board for the Austin Music Foundation. There was an article from the Austic Chronicle here that spoke of the board and mentioned briefly his involvement. His name appears on the team members page for the Foundation's site (at the bottom sadly). You can view it here. Way to help the music community Tony.

01.30.03 (evening) - The Low Down & Skinny

Alrighty, straight from Jason Alexander with Jupiter Records. Jason e-mailed me this info this evening. He provided me with some further info. on the concert and upcoming disc. First here is the track listing for the CD:
1. Fire Escape
2. I Get High *
3. Don't Give Up on Me
4. The Way
5. Just Another Place *
6. Mercenary Girl *
7. Life *
8. Falling Upstairs *
9. Airstream *
10. Out Of My Head
*=unreleased/new song
The record will be limited to 1000 pressings initially. They may press more copies depending on how the first set sells. As for the show: Tony exclusively played the keyboards during the concert (first time). Miles and Tony were in need of a CD to sell on the upcoming tour. It was suggested by a close friend that they do a show and record it. The show was set up quickly and as previously reported, was not advertised. About 50 friends and such showed up for the show. The CD is currently being pressed. Thanks for the scoop Jason.

01.30.03 - New Record?

Well some of the best news yet. It was posted on the message board of Chillie's Fastball Site that the guys (all 3) played a live gig at Jupiter Records in Austin this past Saturday (25th). They played a bunch of stuff including several new songs. What's more is that they recorded the show and will be releasing it independently. The CD, which is already finished, will be available exclusively from Jupiter Records, both in store and online. It should be available in the next few weeks. Fans should check the website for Jupiter Records for any forthcoming information. And when more becomes available it shall be posted here. Thanks guys over at Chillie's, as always you're awesome.

Also check the tour page for another CA date, a Seattle date, and another TX date.
(source: Chillie's Fastball Music Web Site)

01.24.03 - Almost You

Alrighty fans it's time for you to pick up your copy of Almost You, the Elvis Costello tribute CD featuring Fastball's rendition of 'Busy Bodies.' The CD's out now so pick it up.

01.22.03 - Keep 'em comin'

Brief information has been added to the tour page for 3 more date added announced today on More when it comes.

01.17.03 - More for you

All the final Big Car mp3s are up on the multimedia page. Oh, and there's also another tour date added in April in Solana, CA.

01.10.03 - Another date and video

Just added a stop in Poughkeepsie, NY at the Loft on Feb. 15, and on on Feb. 22 in Madison, WI to the tour schedule.

Also I've added a live video of Miles and Tony performing "The Way" live at to the
multimedia page.

01.08.03 - Tour dates

Check the Tour Info. page for 2 more dates in Buffalo and Chicago.


'TV Girl' and a live version of 'Nowhere Road' are now available for download.


A couple more Big Car mp3s up.


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