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12.13.04 - Haha I'm not dead

Firstly, I apologize for the lack of updates, although frankly, there's not been much to update with. Anyway as I'm sure most of you know the guys are on a bit of a hiatus. There's been no real news on the official site in a while. Although I did find out for those who were curious about the guitar auction of Miles', that he ended up selling it to a private party, which is why the auction ended quickly. Otherwise Fastball itself seems to be on a bit of a hiatus, with the guys working on some side musical projects. Miles and Jeff are working on their side: The Small Stars Revue (, and Tony is doing a stint on the solo circuit. Tony doesn't currently have a solo site, but I've heard word that one might be in the planning, otherwise check out his link at Raji World ( No word as to if Joey is currently involved with any other musical projects. The Small Stars are playing shows pretty frequently at Ego's in Austin, and Tony is playing several shows in and around the Texas, southeast area. Fastball is also playing some shows locally in and around Austin.

In other Fastball news: The gentleman who purchased Miles' Chet Atkins Tennessean guitar, had Miles and Tony over for a special acoustic living room show at his parents' house in Pearland, TX on Dec. 11. Here is a link to several photos from this special show: Fastball Living Room Show. Thanks to Patrick for letting us know about your unique Fastball show, and for sending us a link to the photos. You can also see a link with pictures of Miles' guitar on the previously mentioned link.

Also, if you've not yet checked out the new Fastball archive hosted here, then by all means check out this link: Fastball Archive. This is a joint effort from myself, and other fans, and is a growing archive of Fastball b-sides, live shows, video, etc. Let us know if you think you've got something to contribute to the archive.

12.11.04 - Fastball makes the list

Fastball made the Best of 2004 listing in a recent article on a site for the Triad region of North Carolina. Music writer Parke Puterbaugh, who writes for such publications as Rolling Stone and Uncut, as well as local Greensboro paper the News & Record, has put Keep Your Wig On at #9 in the listing of 2004's best albums. Fastball falls behind artists like Greenday, Brian Wilson, Tears for Fears, and REM, but bests other artists such as Phish, Wilco, Prince, Eric Clapton, and Elvis Costello. Read the article at:

09.19.04 - TIGIR on TV

It's been pointed out by a fan that the song "Til I Get It Right" was featured in a recent episode of Bravo channel's show 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,' episode 134. The song is featured for a length of time over scenes of the show's straight guy cooking, or apparently trying to. The show will re-air on Bravo on Wednesday Sept. 29 at 12am Saturday Oct. 2 at 6pm. Check local listings for actual times and any other future dates. A video clip from the show featuring the song is available here. Right click and "save target as." File is approx. 10mb. Thanks to Elliot for passing on the info and file. You can also see a rip of Airstream playing in the recent season of the show 'The Simple Life' by clicking here

07.28.04 - Updates

I've added all the new upcoming tour dates as well as updated a lot of the info. for all the upcoming dates.

07.08.04 - More dates

A few more dates popped up on the official site yesterday, I have added them to the list.

07.06.04 - Small Tour update

A couple more dates have been added to the Tour page.

07.02.04 - Small Tour update

I've update some ticketing and venue information for some of the upcoming tour dates. I've also added 1 new date for early August. The guys will be doing a show at the Bowery Ballroom in New York with The Clarks on August 4th. This date is not yet on the calendar over at the official site, and as such may be changed regardless. It is on the venue website as well as The Clarks' official site, and as it stands tickets are already on sale. Check the tour page for more info.

Also there are 3 new posters added the official Fastball online store over at the official site.

06.28.04 - New stuff

The official website [] has added a new link to their online webstore. The store looks to still be in it's beginning stages, with only the new album available for sale right now, the they note that more stuff will be added in the near future.

I hope everyone is enjoying the soundboard recording of the Grog Shop show from Cleveland. If you don't know about this, see below or contact me. In the spirit of Fastball giving, Chillie over at Fastball Hole in the Wall [] has been putting up songs from a 2003 acoustic show from the Belly Up tavern in Solana Beach, CA. Stop on over to his site to download some of these exclusive songs. He also has available for download an audio file of the Fastball interview with BBC Radio 6 from the other week, and is putting up parts of another recent interview with Miles done with radio KSEV "The Voice" 700 AM out of Houston. Be sure to check back often as he updates his site and adds new audio.

As for site stuff, lyrics for the KYWO album have all been updated. I am currently working on putting together an audio archive of live or rare Fastball audio, whether it is interviews, live shows or performances, hard to find audio of Fastball or pre-fastball songs, whatever. So if you have something you think could be a good addition to this archive, please contact me.

06.20.04 - Reviews

Hey again all. Head over to the tour page to check out a review of the Housing Works show from this past Friday night, and a review from the Waterloo Records in store appearance from the 11th.

06.16.04 - Cleveland Show

Hey guys, got a treat for you all. Thanks to Elliot you all can now enjoy a full soundboard of the acoustic show from the Grog Shop in Cleveland. Elliot with the assistance of some other fans, got the show edited and cleaned up, and it's now ready for your turn to check it out. Click here to listen to the Grog Shop show. The link will open in a new window.

06.13.04 - This is the Big Week

Well firstly I hope everyone has either been able to pick up a copy of the new album, or received their orders, and are enjoying them. This is an exceptional album that is now getting its time in the spotlight. Hope you all are enoying it as much as I have and am. And a big congrats to the band. You guys do a hell of a job in your craft, and this album truely shows that. Thanks so much for bringing us these great songs. And I hope your week has been.

Ok for the people wanting to know what's going on with this site. Well it's gotten a bit behind with my being in Real Estate courses that are keeping me away from being able to really work on it. But I've gotten some updates up. Firstly check on over to the tour page to read the newly added review for the Nazareth College show from back at the end of April. There are also almost 40 pictures from the show with the review as well. Just go to the tour page and scroll on down toward the bottom. Also for you musicians of sorts out there, I've added 2 new tabs of some of the Keep Your Wig On songs, tabbed by Copper. It's on the Songs & Lyrics page, or just go here.

Also be sure to keep checking in over at the Official Fastball website ( for new updates. There are a lot of cool pictures from the recent acoustic tour, some pics of Tony from the 70s, and there's a link to some photos from the recent Parish show on the main page. And be sure to check out their message board. Of course we have one here as well if you fancy.

Oh and a note to all fans: The band supports the sharing of shows, so if anyone has any recordings of shows past or present, let me know. I will be glad to host the files, and link them for sharing in a new audio archive I'm going to be setting up. And for those who have been wondering what happened to the audio previously featured here, well, there was a reason I took it down, but things changed a bit, and so I can, and will be sometime in the near future, putting the audio back up on the site. So don't worry. And thanks for all the support guys. - E.

05.29.04 - New Tour & Appearance Events

I've just added a bunch of new tour/appearance dates to the Tour page. Check it out! I'm also in the middle of working on some of the past tour date data, so please forgive any mess or broken links.

05.27.04 - All over

Well, the acoustic tour is now over. The guys rounded out the tour last week, back home in Texas. Both Miles and Tony have relayed just what an awesome time they had on the road, playing the venues, and meeting all the fans. Tony has posted a note to all the fans on the official site. Go check it out. They guys now have a couple weeks to rest before the big release date on the 8th. After that they will be heading over to the UK for a brief visit, and then will be back home and will head out on a full band tour sometime in July.

Head on over to the official site to check out a bunch of new pictures from the recent tour including photos of, off-stage goofery, the guys on the hunt for food, wiggin' around with fans, and an interesting self portrait of Miles in a beret.

Also be sure to check out your local stations to see if they are playing either of KYWO's singles: 'Airstream' or 'Drifting Away.'
As you might have noticed, I added several more links above for ordering the new album online.

Oh and I'd like to offer up a special thanks to all the fans out there who have been putting forth a strong effort in supporting the band both on this site and the official site; thanks for all the e-mails, posts, information, suggestions, and comments. You guys and gals are the heart and soul of this community.

05.15.04 - Misc. Stuff + Fastball UK news

Sorry for the delay in posting this. Well there's been a good bit of stuff going on the last week or so. The guys have been going strong on the road and are close to winding down their acoustic tour. For info. on what's been going on during this acoustic tour, check out the Road Journal section of the official site I'm sure you've all been checking the site out though. They've also got some pictures from some of the shows, as well as some reviews of the new album. If you haven't checked it out yet, then go do so. (source:

Bob Harris of BBC Radio 2 played "Airstream" on his show this past Saturday. He later announced the UK release date of 'Keep Your Wig On' to be July 19th. This is some great news and press for the band. Thanks to RC for passing the word along.

04.25.04 - Photos from Rochester

The guys have put a few photos from last night's show in Rochester up on the official site. Check 'em out. (source:

04.25.04 - Lots of info!!!!

Well, if you all haven't been over to the official website ( you should, it looks good. Anyway head on over there and you can check out all the lyrics to the new album, a report from the road from Miles on last night's show in Rochester, NY. They also have some song samples up from the new album, as well as a full downloadable version of 'Airstream.' Their official message board is up again so head on over and check it out. (source:

As for other news, Slim Tim reports that he went to see Joey's side project, Young Heart Attack, last night, only to find that Joey was no longer with the band. One of the band members told him that Joey had resigned from the band last week to continue fully with Fastball. It had apparently been planned in accordance with the band ahead of time as the group already had a new drummer trained and ready to take over for him.

Also I've put up a new tab for the song 'Falling Upstair' from Copper. I apologize for the belatedness in getting it up. See the Songs & Lyrics page, and you can either access the guitar tabs via the link on the left of the page, or the page for the song itself.

04.22.04 - EPK + more at Ryko

Check out the new EPK (electronic press kit) created by band accomplice Jeff Groves. It's big but well worth it.

Also late yesterday, Ryko added more stuff to their site including a full stream of "Airstream" and a Fastball/Keep Your Wig On wallpaper. See the Hear & See Music link on (source:

04.21.04 - "Someday" on Smallville tonight + E-card

The song "Someday" will be featured in tonight's episode of the WB's series Smallville. "Someday" is off the upcoming Keep Your Wig On. The song is the same that had previously appeared in full on the website. So for those fans that weren't able to hear the song then, here's your chance. So tune in or set your VCR. It's great to see that the band and the new tracks are already getting some great press and publicity.

Rykodisc has put up a Flash e-card on their site for the new album. Check it out to see some artwork and samples of some tracks from the forthcoming release. View the E-Card!. (source:

04.18.04 - New Image

New band images up now.

04.16.04 - Newsletter & Update to Tour Information

The next Black Rain newsletter went out today. If you wish to receive the newsletter please see the link to the right.

I've gotten some updated tour information. The show for May 9th at Pi-Live in Boise, Idaho has been cancelled. The show date was just not convenient in placement and for travel time involved. There are currently no plans to re-schedule. We appologize. Also the May 18th San Diego show will no longer be at The Casbah, the new venue will be at the Blind Melon.

****Note: There was a mistake in this information. The Cleveland, OH date was not cancelled, it was the Boise, Idaho show that was cancelled. I apologize for the mix up.****

04.15.04 - Pre-Order Keep Your Wig On

Rykodisc is now taking pre-orders for "Keep Your Wig On."
Click to Pre-Order Keep Your Wig On

04.14.04 - Nazarth College date

The Nazareth College date on April 24th will be a Full Band set.

04.13.04 - Want A Date?

I've just put up a whole mess of tour dates. Check 'em out and hopefully you'll find one near you. This is most likely all of the acoustic tour dates, so if the guys aren't coming near you, just keep those fingers crossed for when they hit the road for a full band tour.

04.07.04 - MTV Blurb & Tour Date

Here's a small blurb from an news article regarding Keep Your Wig On: "Fastball's fourth album, Keep Your Wig On, is due June 8. Fountains of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger, Sheryl Crow songwriter Jeff Trott and ... And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead producer Mike McCarthy conspired to produce the record." To view the newsarticle click here.

Also the Abbey Pub date listed below has been added to the tour listing, as well as a new date on 5/16 at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

04.04.04 - Track Listing + Tour Date
Here is the track listing for Keep Your Wig On:
1. Shortwave
2. Louie Louie
3. Drifting Away
4. Airstream
5. I Get High
6. Perfect World
7. Till I Get It Right (aka or fka That Song I Love)
8. Our Misunderstanding
9. Someday
10. Mercenary Girl
11. Falling Upstairs
12. Red Light

The only difference between this and the known songs we have listed on the album's page is that Someday has been substituted in place of Rebel Radio. But Rebel Radio is a great song so hopefully we'll see it as a b-side or something.

Here's another date for the acoustic tour:
5/3/04 - Abbey Pub; Chicago, IL; 9:00pm (doors 8:00); $12.00; 18+; with guests The Honeydogs. This date will be added to the tour page soon.

04.02.04 - Update to tour date

I have update the info for the show on April 28th at the Mercury Lounge in NYC. The opening acts start at 8:00pm, and Fastball will play at 10:00. The venue is strictly 21+.

04.01.04 - Tour Dates

I've added several tour dates for April and May. There was also to be a show on either the 2nd or 3rd of May at the Magic Bag in Ferndale, MI, but that show has been cancelled. Will be updating for the recent past shows soon.

03.30.04 - SXSW Rooftop Performance

Fastball played as a part News 8 Austin's SXSW Rooftop Performance Series on March 16. Tony gave a short interview with correspondent Andy Langer, and then the band went on to perform the song "I Get High." Click the following link to visit the page on News 8 Austin and view the video: Fastball - "I Get High" (SXSW '04 Rooftop). I also found on their site another rooftop performance from SXSW '03, on March 10, 2003. Again Tony gives a short interview with correspondent Andy Langer, before the band plays an acoustic version of "Falling Upstairs." Click the following link to visit the page for this show: Fastall - "Falling Upstairs" (SXSW '03 Rooftop). Info. on these shows will be added to the Tour section of the site soon.

03.29.04 - Wig On single

Tyler over at Red Lights requested that I pass this info. along until he has the opportunity to update his site. In an e-mail from Ryko, it appears that the Tony penned song 'Drifting Away' is set to be released as the first single from the upcoming "Keep Your Wig On." The person stated to him that this was very much likely, but couldn't confirm it 100%.

03.28.04 - Fastball on movie soundtrack

Fastball will be featured on the soundtrack to the upcoming Paramount motion picture The Prince & Me starring Julia Styles. The soundtrack, released by Hollywood Records, will feature the song 'Fire Escape.' The soundtrack will be released next Tuesday, March 30th. The film hits theatres on April 2nd. Thanks to Dora for pointing out this info.

03.24.04 - SXSW

Michael Corcoran at the Austin-American Stateman paper, mentioned some info on Fastball in some closing notes to a March 20th article. As you know Fastball was playing at the premier of the movie "Knots" starring John Stamos, on Saturday March 13th. The band's performance took place at the Hole in the Wall, and John actually got up on stage with the guys and played drums with them. It seems that the band's midnight slot at Bigsby's on the 18th, was not that great for Tony. The slot coincided with a performance by reformed Boston group Mission of Burma at La Zona Rosa, whom Tony was looking forward to seeing. Tony indicated that he was upset at not being able to see the group, and also that he was worried that the Ryko reps would be over at Mission of Burma's show instead of theirs being that they're on Ryko as well.(source:

Also, from yesterday's bit of info, we find that the song 'Airstream' was confirmed as a track on the new album.

03.23.04 - Ryko news has updated their site with some Fastball news. The main bit is that they confirm the release date of the new album. They also speak a little more about the band and have some quotes from the guys on playing and the new album. Check it out over at: (source:

03.09.04 - Tour dates updated

I've updated the upcoming tour dates and added lots more info to them. Check it out.

03.08.04 - Album info. and performance dates

Sorry for the delay on posting this news but I was down at the coast working on music. Well the guys have updated their official site. They have now officially announced the title of the new album to be "Keep Your Wig On," as was previously reported by Tyler at Red Lights. They have also posted an image, which looks to be a possible album cover (see In addition to the album information the guys have also listed a couple other performance dates. Check out the tour page here for the dates and info. Lots of additional info. there, but I will be re-working that section so that that more info. can be shown and that it is easy to read.

03.02.04 - Holey Pictures

Tyler has uploaded several pictures and video stills from the Hole in the Wall show to his site. To view the images from the show click here. (source: Red Lights)

03.01.04 - Show & Album info.

Tyler over at Red Lights (see link to left) has posted some new info on his site. He comments briefly on the show at the Hole in the Wall, stating that the guys (as Magneto USA) played and new tunes and several familiar ones. He says he will have a full review of the show, as well as several pictures up on his site by the end of the week. Tyler also received some info. on the new album. The band has confirmed that the title of the new album will in fact be "Keep Your Wig On," which as earlier reported here (see 02.21.04) was posted on two images on the band's website. Those two images are said to not be album art and that the guys are still working on that. Meanwhile the ever creative Tyler has created his own album cover art for the title that you can view on his site (again see link to the left). (source: Red Lights)

02.29.04 - Hole In The Wall show

Tyler over at Red Lights managed to get himself into the Hole In The Wall show last night. So far all we know is that it was (as expected) a great show. He will be posting full info. on the show soon on his site. He also says that he's gotten some news which he will pass on soon as well. We look forward to all of it.

02.21.04 - SXSW date & Album Title/Art??????

Well was updated yesterday. The update mentions the live show at the Hole in the Wall on the 28th. The update also re-confirms the SXSW date at Bigsby's on the 18th of March. This date is part of the Rykodisc's 20th Anniversary Celebration. The band will be joined by special guest Kelly Willis. Tony and Miles will also being playing at the High Times Party during the afternoon on Sat. March 20th.

Also if you click on the "What" link you'll see an image that says Fastball, Keep Your Wig On! If you reload it a couple of time it will switch between two images. Is this the new album's title and cover art. Maybe a teaser. Or maybe just a funny picture. Who knows. Probably just the band messing around with us. We'll find out soon enough.

02.20.04 - SXSW date

Well I had noticed back on the 18th that Fastball's name had been removed from the SXSW listings pages. They no longer have them in their Artist listing, nor do they appear on any of the schedule listings for any of the events days. I had e-mailed Bigsby's on the 18th, but have gotten no reply, so I have e-mailed someone with SXSW and will update when I get a reply.

02.16.04 - SXSW date & YHA date

The SXSW performance for March will be on the 18th at Bigsby's in Austin. Ages 21+, time to be announced. Also on the bill are Butch Walker, Josh Rouse, Lisa Loeb and The Posies. Also the Young Heart Attack will be at Rockstars, 418 E. 6th St. on Saturday March 20th at 1 AM. Thanks to Amy for this info.

02.13.04 (evening) - Official site updated.

The official website ( has been updated today. One thing changed is the slogan of "Drunk and Dangerous" to "The Last American Pop Band." The news again says that mixing is done on the album. They give a good complement to Bob Clearmountain, or his ears rather, which they call "amazing." Also mentioned is an apparent run in with the LA Police Department and a lost weekend in Tijana (Hum, wonder what went on there???). But the biggest info. on the update is the new release date for the new album, which is now June 8 (which is in the range of the late May, early June release I've heard). But this date is still tentative, and it can be pushed back, or (and hopefully) pushed forward. (source:

02.13.04 (morning) - Hole In The Wall Date

In checking the Hole In The Wall's website last night for info. on the upcoming Fastball show I noticed that they actually list the date of the performance as Sat. Feb. 28, and not Friday the 27 as stated by the Austin Chronicle. I'm assuming this to be the proper date as it is the official site for the venue. Anyone interested in going may want to call and confirm first though. I've made the change to the date on the tour page. (source:

02.12.04 - Chronicles

It's recorded, it's mixed,..........What's left to do???

From the Austin Chronicle (Feb. 13, 2004)
TCB - On Deck
The new Fastball album lacks only mastering before its May release on Rykodisc, and according to singer/guitarist Miles Zuniga, is "a real homegrown effort." Zuniga, bassist/vocalist Tony Scalzo, and drummer Joey Shuffield convened at Viewpoint studio in North Austin, where they had their pick of the vintage equipment collected and restored by owner Jack Rock. "A lot of the stuff you'd think would never work, but it does," Zuniga marvels. "We were using amps from 1952 and stuff." He also credits the as-yet-untitled album's "organic" vibe to co-writing the bulk of the songs with Scalzo and to the band's efforts to record as much as they could live. "On our other records we'd end up overdubbing on stuff that was weeks and weeks old," Zuniga says. "It's really hard to create that way." The band will offer a preview Feb. 27 at the Hole in the Wall, which they booked under original handle Magneto USA. "If we billed it as Fastball we could charge more money," explains Zuniga, "but we wanted to do it in a more informal setting. I'm a big fan of just hanging out and playing." - End

After the mastering is finished the only things left are to package and physically produce the album. And man a show under the Magneto USA moniker, that should be classic.

02.09.04 - Mixed Up

In a reply to the thank you e-mail I sent Miles, he states that the mixing of the new material is now finished. He says the new stuff is "killer" and their "best yet." Also Bob Clearmountain stated to Chillie in an e-mail that working with the guys was great and that their stuff was some of the best he's worked on in a while (source: A Fastball Hole In The Wall). The guys also really enjoyed working with Bob, and utilizing his full featured studio, namely the swimming pool.

And Miles also confirmed that Fastball with be playing in the SXSW '04 in March. He also indicated that they will be playing some other dates here and there. These will most likely in the Texas area. No major tour will begin before May.

02.04.04 - Charlotte pictures

Alright the pictures from the Charlotte show are up. They can be found on the Live Images page or on the show's review page in the Tour section.

02.01.04 - Fastball on Cleamountain's site

Bob Clearmountain's website was updated today to reflect his work on the new Fastball material. A brief paragraph is listed about mid-way down on the Guests page of his site. No news on the mixing, but it does say that Bob has been a fan of the band's since hearing "The Way" back in '98, and that he was excited when he was asked to mix the new album by Rykodisc's Rob Seidenberg. The guys have been in LA mixing with Bob for the last week or so, so this update could indicate that the mixing is finished.

Also I've gotten the pictures back from the show, and I'll have them up on the site in the next day or so.

01.29.04 - South by Southwest '04

Fastball is on the preliminary performer list for the 2004 SXSW festival. The festival will take place from March 17 - 21, 2004, and the keynote speaker will be no other than Little Richard. Thanks to Amy for passing that news bit along. Also I should have my photos back from the concert last Friday. Will post once I get them back.

01.24.04 - After the show

Wow, what a spectacular show. The guys were great. They premiered some new songs: "Louie, Louie", "Rebel Radio" and "That Song I Love." The first two will supposedly be on the new album. They were all rocking. I've put up a full review on the tour page of the site so check it out. The guys will soon be heading out to Los Angeles to begin mixing the new album.

01.22.04 - In Charlotte tomorrow night

Yes that's right, I shall be reporting back from the upcoming show tomorrow night in Charlotte. I'm excited as it will the first time since back in '98 that I've seen them live. The band was gracious enough to get a ticket held for me to attend the closed show. Thanks Miles, Tony and Joey, that was a great gesture. I'll see you guys there, and I'll pass along the info. on the show after I get back.

01.21.04 - Billboard

Billboard recently posted a small news brief on Fastball. Click here to view the article on No new news, just a repeat of what we've gotten recently. But it does show that the industry is still paying attention to the guys.

Also I've corrected some information on the song "Gypsy Train." Thanks for passing that info. along Chillie.

01.12.04 - Tour Date.

Well unfortunately hopes of attending the upcoming show at Queens University have been dashed for myself and others who had hopes of going. Per a university official the show is Closed to only students and staff at the university. Hopefully though we'll see some more shows come around before the new album drops, maybe like a small teaser tour.

01.11.04 - Tour Date.

Just wanted to make a note that I've updated the info. on the current tour date. The official site says that Queens University is in South Carolina, but it is actually in North Carolina. I'm hoping to receive some futher information from the university with regards to the show, and will pass it on when I receive it.

01.09.04 - News, news and more news.

Rykodisc online reports that the new mixing will begin on the new album later this month by Bob Clearmountain, whose credits include Bruce Springsteen, The Pretenders, and more. Also listed in the news report are the names of two new songs: "Drifting Away" and "Our Misunderstanding," both to appear on the still as yet untitled album. (source:

Also, it seems the time frame for an update to the official site was somewhat off, as the weeks have been lopped off to just days, and the updates have begun: events calendar, band member dossiers, and more. Head on over to the official band site ( and check it out. Also when you're there be sure to click back through the roulette you'll come upon a blank flag which will load a sample of a new song called "Regretfully." Also the venue of the show on January 23 is the Queens University in Charlotte, North Carolina. (source:

01.07.04 (evening) - Some further info. from Miles.

The new album was recorded at Viewpoint Studios, in Austin,TX. Miles reports that while there, the owner, Jack Rock, was constantly bringing them wines from Chile to try. Miles says that there should be some updates to the official website in the next several weeks. The main reason for the site's lack of updates, was due to the fact that Jeff Groves, Miles' good friend from Big Car, who is the one working on the site, was busy recording with the guys on the new material. Kevin McKinney (Soul Hat), recorded with the guys as well. Miles also stated that they have a show in South Carolina on Friday, January 23, Charlotte he thinks. The show will be a full band performance, including Kevin McKinney, but not Jeff Groves. If all goes well I may be able to attend this show as I am only a couple hours away from Charlotte. Further info. to come when I get it.

01.07.04 - Rykodisc online.

Rykodisc has posted its first info. on Fastball on its site. They state that they guys are indeed recording their fourth studio album as Rykodisc artists, and that the new album is due out in May. (source:


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