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12.23.01 - Without knowing the way

"Where were they going without knowing the way?" This question from Fastball's major hit "The Way" arises again as the band now finds itself without a record label standing behind them. Due to the poor sales of The Harsh Light of Day, Hollywood records has decided to drop the band from their ranks. Tony, however, says that he is relieved to be free of Hollywood. The band was in the midst of recording their latest material.

9.22.01 - More "Kinks" to work out

Once again the Kinks tribute album has been pushed back. This time the album, which was due out this month, is now due out in February 2002. Let's hope that they can get whatever problems they are having cleared up as soon as possible, because I know I can't wait to hear Fastball's version of "Till the End of the Day."

9.09.01 - New song on Summer Catch soundtrack.

If you wanted a new Fastball song, you got one. There is a new song called "Every Time She Walks" on the soundtrack the the new film Summer Catch. The soundtrack was released on August 21. The song itself is up tempo and up beat which means that it's most likely one of Tony's. An MP3 will be put up once I have acquired space for them and have had time to get most of the site in order.

8.12.01 - Kinks tribute pushed back

Well, sadly the release date for The Kinks tribute album has been pushed back to September. Fastball is covering "Til the End of the Day" for the album. For more information on the album visit the official page at Praxis Recordings. (source:

8.04.01 - Fastball writing new songs, Tony plays with Ryan Adams

The boys in Fastball have begun writing new songs for their next studio album. There will be a surprise coming though as Tony and Miles are not just writing separately, as they usually do, they are writing songs together. They have written two songs so far at Miles'  new place in Nashville, and they will soon be returning to Austin to continue writing more.

They expect to go into the studio toward the end of this year to begin recording the new material. This means we could possibly see a new album out around mid to late next year.

Meanwhile, Alt. Country/Rock, and Whiskeytown singer/songwriter, Ryan Adams has asked Tony to play piano on a few of the tracks being recorded for his new album. One of the tracks is called "Song for Keith," meaning Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. (source:

7.25.01 - Miles relocates

Miles has moved from Austin to the new hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. (source:

7.06.01 - Fastball teams with Hanson

According to a recent news article at, Fastball, Barenaked Ladies, Carole King, and others will be teaming up with Hanson on their next musical effort. The as yet untitled album is tentatively due out in early spring '02. (source:

6.27.01 - Fastball on crazy/beautiful soundtrack

The soundtrack for the movie crazy/beautiful was released yesterday. The album features the song "This Is Not My Life." (source:

6.19.01 - Who tribute album

Substitute: songs of The Who was released on Tuesday June 12, and features songs of the Who covered by many top artists including Pearl Jam, David Bowie, Sheryl Crow, and many others. Fastball contributed a cover of the song "The Real Me." According to Tony, picking the song "wasn't a pleasant experience." They wanted to pick a song that was not a big radio hit. Once it was picked, the band went into the studio and recorded it in one day, after getting the guitar tab off the internet. (source:

An mp3 of "The Real Me" will eventually be put up on the multimedia page.

5.10.01 - Fastball on Kinks tribute album

Fastball will be contributing a rework of the song "Till the End of the Day" for the upcoming Kinks tribute album, This Is Where I Belong. The album is due out on July 24.


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